MISS EDISON (15 min) United Kingdom – Dramady with Animation Directed by Matthew Lee and David Rattigan Miss Edison is having bad dreams. Her neurotic psychiatrist hijacks her therapy session to explore his own subconscious.

 A REAL DATE (5 min) USA – Comedy Directed by Eric J. Carlson A recent widow lost in her work and with no time to date, takes steps to have a male companion for the evening.

 THE SORTING (10 min) USA – Documentary Short Directed by Ryan LaPine There are really only two types of people that exist on this rock, those who have read Harry Potter and those who have not.

 MITTASHANE (5 min) Japan – Music Video with Animation Directed by Jeremy Speed Schwartz Filled with dancing bunnies, a singing Capricorn and a psychedelic guitar player. Corporate fish see only what is directly in front of them and after reviewing all of the data, they build a giant spherical robot.

 OKAY, OK (20 min) USA – Sketch Comedy Directed by Kyle Bergersen It’s like “Portlandia” but set in Oklahoma.

 MALIBU LIVING (12 min) USA – Drama Directed by Daniel Yonathan Hayley has hit rock bottom when she enters rehab and makes an unusual friend while on the inside... their paths run parallel until an unexpected turn of events.

 THE SINGULARITY (12 min) USA – Stop Motion Sci-Fi Directed by Alex Chappo A dying planet sends Rene Cogito alone to the center of a black hole to communicate with a parallel universe and save mankind.

 MAPLE (TREE) (2 min) USA – Animated Drama Directed by Donn Weber A symbolic stop motion film depicting the rise and fall of a young maple tree.

 THE TROUBLE (5 min) USA – Narrative Directed by Samantha Olschan Examines the problematic interpretations of gender and identity across generations placing contemporary & reimagined narratives against the 1959 training film 'The Trouble with Women.'

 FRACKTURED (8 min) USA – Drama/Sci-fi Directed by Sabrina McCormick A time traveler comes face to face with her younger self while trying to prevent a fracking protest where her mother was killed 20 years earlier.

THUMBSCREWS (5 min) Canada – Drama/Horror Directed by Ghost This is not a film about someone being tortured. No one is ever tortured. It's all a bad dream. Trust us.

PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY (15 min) USA – Comedy/Sci-fi Directed by Bo Price A group of misfits believe they can make any dream come true by using their imagination and Primitive Technology.

 THE SCOURGE OF FEMNISMO (11 min) USA – Mystery Directed by Daniel Aaron Austin John, a regular married American male, is faced with temptation from a mysterious woman with an ethereal object.