Our month-long tribute to the Academy Award winning cinematographer, Vilmos Zsigmond takes us to 1971 for the motion picture McCABE & MRS. MILLER. Directed by Robert Altman, stars Warren Beatty and Julie Christie.

Nominated BAFTA Film Award - Best Cinematography - Vilmos Zsigmond
NSFC Award Winner - Best Cinematography - Vilmos Zsigmond

Charismatic but dumb John McCabe arrives in a Pacific Northwest town to set up a whorehouse/tavern. The shrewd Mrs. Miller, a professional madam, arrives soon after and offers to use her experience to help McCabe run his business for a cut of the profits. The mining deposits in the town attract the attention of a major corporation, which wants to buy out McCabe. He refuses, and his decision has major repercussions for him, Mrs. Miller, and the town.

Show time is at 8pm, tickets are $5 at the door.